Would you like some Marijuana with that Mongolian BBQ?

A couple of pot provocateurs, Kevin Wallace and Michael Shea, have opened the Earth Dragon Edibles Restaurant & Lounge in Ashland, Oregon. And what fare do that serve? Mongolian barbecue with a dash of marijuana, of course.

An Oregon medical marijuana card is required for entry, and patrons are free to share marijuana at the hash bar (B.Y.O.P.), according to the Associated Press. The restaurant’s meals satisfy the palettes of the carnivorous and vegetarian/vegan alike. And patrons can check one of two boxes, either medicated or unmedicated. If one opts for medicated, they are given three choices: cheesecake, candies or cookies.

However, the opening of the restaurant comes at a time when Obama is actively busting up medical marijuana shops. Hopefully, Wallace and Shea can keep on slinging their Mongolian barbecue with marijuana-infused oil to the hungry Oregon masses.

And while Mongolian BBQ sounds good enough, perhaps another pot provocateur could attempt a haute cuisine menu with marijuana. What would Rabbit Mushroom Rizzoto, for instance, taste like if dusted with marijuana spice or oil? Or maybe a Filet Mignon with a Marijuana Oil-Wine Reduction? All in good time.