Ted Nugent is ‘an extremely loving, passionate man’

“CBS This Morning” visited Ted Nugent at his Texas ranch Friday to discuss his support for GOP candidate Mitt Romney, whom he endorsed in March, and the circumstances surrounding¬†his recent threat to the President. He ended up just looking more insane than ever. Excuse me, moderate.

In a lawn chair tirade, The Nuge defended himself as an “extremely loving, passionate man!”

Nugent tells CBS correspondent Jeff Glor:

Call me when you sit down across from someone who has more families with dying little boys and girls who get a call to take ‘em on their last fishing trip in life! Call me when you meet someone who does that more than I do. Because that’s really moderate. You know what that is, that’s EXTREME! I’m an extremely loving, passionate man!¬†People who investigate me honestly without the binge of political correctness ascertain the conclusion that I’m a damn nice guy, and if you can find a screening process more powerful than that, I’ll [expletive]! Or [expletive]! How’s that sound?

Glor later added that Nuge’s “high level of energy” may have been caused by a recent kidney stone removal. That, or he’s totally bat shit. Either/or.