Stay at home dad makes pancake art for his kids

Nathan Shields, former math teacher, current best dad alive, says he started making pancake art because his mom used to make “pancake monsters” for him as a kid. But what started out as an homage to his mom seems to have turned into a minor art form. Shields has used the pancake medium to make bugs, dogs, sea creatures, dinosaurs, musical instruments, buildings, mathematical constants and more. He even made human organs one weekend, which were impressively detailed, if somewhat unappetizing.

And he doesn’t make just one instrument or one dinosaur. Each week he picks a theme, and brings his kids a variety of pancakes on that theme. This week: fractals. He could have a radio show called “This American Pancake.” But instead Shields blogs the images and takes theme suggestions from fans. We’d love to see pancake album art and pancake cats at some point, but we’re also glad to see what else he comes up with.

Shields also has a math blog on the side.
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(via Geekologie)