Lil B’s new video for Celine Dion-sampling ‘3 Stacks’ is a must-watch

Lil B’s new video for the track “3 Stacks” is pretty riveting. Not riveting in the way that, say, A$AP Rocky’s new video is, with fast cars and flashing lights, but riveting for the atmosphere he creates through a truly bizarre combination of elements: Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” (karaoke track version) combined with hip-hop bravado (verses about swag and slam-dunking metaphors), combined with footage of the BasedGod himself hanging out in a sauna and posing with fans as he raps about humility and gratitude.

Watching the video for “3 Stacks” and recalling his recent inspirational speech at NYU, it’s hard not to feel like Lil B is becoming a kindred spirit of the godfather of hip-hop gratitude himself: MCA. Sure, some of metaphors might not hold up under scrutiny (“Life is like the Titanic: You’ll be afloat, you sink… You gotta bounce backā€”it’s all about how you come back”) but with this kind of positivity, who cares?