‘CSI: Miami’ finally cancelled after 10 years of explosions, awful one-liners

David Caruso’s star vehicle / steady paycheck “CSI: Miami” was finally and quietly put out of its misery over the weekend after CBS brass decided to put the kibosh on the long-running (and much derided) detective drama.

It was, over the years, a true love-letter to the 2000s George Bush era: everything was dumbed down, everything exploded, the good guys always won, and there were a lot of bad jokes. Needless to say it shall be missed not just by those who appreciated it genuinely but also by, say, bloggers like me who loved it for being such incredibly awful (yet fascinatingly watchable in a train-wreck sort of way) television.

Here’s a full 7 minutes of awful one-liners from David Caruso. We’re sure going to miss you, David. We look forward to when you next inevitably grace our screens sometime in the future.