James O’Keefe’s new shock video exposes something maybe!

The new video from James O’Keefe’s Li’l Stinkerz Social Club Project Veritas is here! It’s about voter fraud, I think? Here are some of the revelations found within, in case college-aged Republicans in costumes from Party City is not your thing:

Non-naturalized citizens have been voting in primaries! Except at least one of their two examples is a naturalized citizen. But he sure is acting evasive on the phone! Maybe because that’s how any human being would react when prank-called by belligerent children, or maybe because voter fraud.

A college administrator hears the story of a student voting in two separate GOP primaries and does not immediately press a button that triggers a trap-door into a holding cell!

Also there is lederhosen and a gay dance party and the Director of Protect All NC Families saying that voter fraud is as widespread as speeding, which would seem to be a bit of a smoking gun. Too bad it’s at the end of 10 minutes of sub-Jamie Kennedy Experiment hidden-camera hi-jinx. Listen: these kids are committed to their worldview, and it’s possible that they’ll uncover something valuable someday. Unfortunately, they’re going to do it dressed as bananas, wearing the smug faces of the young Newt Gingriches who ate the canary, so nobody will stick around to hear it.

Here’s the video. If you make it all the way to the end, you win a general feeling of despair.