Childish Gambino streams new track, ‘We Ain’t Them’

Donald Glover has been rolling out new Childish Gambino tracks from his forthcoming mixtape that will follow up his debut “Camp.” This latest one, “We Ain’t Them,” was produced by Glover, as was “Unnecessary,” released earlier this week.

“We Ain’t Them” is a lighter beat and seems to be right in Glover’s comfort zone. And it destroys the earlier track he released with Flynt Flossy and Yung Humma, “Fuck Your Blog.”

But, as with all Childish Gambino tracks, this one will polarize listeners who will dub it either “fucking awesome” or “fucking awful,” an inevitability Glover confronted with a formidable Twitter rant last night as he released the track. But hey, what’s a rapper without haters to talk back to?