California: clear skies with a chance of puppies

While celebrating Mother’s Day with her grandson Taylor, Elaine Bouschard of Los Banos, CA saw a puppy fall from the sky. Apparently dropped by a passing hawk, the three-week old pup will now join Bouschard’s collection of pets which includes cats, dogs, horses and, strangely, two hawks.

“My thought is that when god drops a puppy from the sky, you keep it,” Bouschard said. “I actually think god just dropped me a baby to have for Mother’s day, so this is my baby for Mother’s Day!”

Which makes the hawk like a stork for puppies—a sloppy stork with bad presentation. More likely, the hawk stole the puppy, which looks a lot like a mouse, for dinner. If someone is missing a pet, we hope they hear the story in the news. But unless that happens, it’s an extra happy Mother’s Day for Bouschard.