Kreayshawn returns with “Breakfast” video

With the vim and vigor of an ex-girlfriend “who got really into reggae right after (you) broke up,” Kreayshawn burst onto the scene with some sick beats and dope rhymes, and we mean both of those adjectives in the clinical senses of the words. Her divisive style coupled with the fact that she’s a white girl hasn’t exactly warmed critics over, yet she has a legion of devoted fans. We are sure she’s lovely in person. Perhaps we are just getting older and don’t “get” things like Kreayshawn, who throws a house party in a day-glo kitchen and calls it a video. We are, after all, a publication that gave Norah Jones a good review – so what do we know about young kids having a good time in kitchens? Get off our lawn, we say.

So imagine our surprise when an hour after watching the video we were still humming the chorus. Jokes on us! We like it! “Breakfast” straddles the line between Souljah Boy era ‘ringtone rap’ and perhaps a more self-aware movement in indie hip-hop, yet lands wholly in J-Kwon circa 2004 territory and, to be honest and fair, there’s nothing wrong with having a good time in a song. Shit, man, we can’t all be listening to Philip Glass all the fuckin’ time, can we? Anyway. Check it out for yourself below.