They have Super Soaker shotguns in Fresno

Randy Smith, a 54-year-old convicted felon in Fresno, California, who—under such a conviction is clearly not allowed to possess guns—indeed possessed a water gun turned shotgun and wore it around the neighborhood.

A Fresno gun shop owner says it probably cost about $30 to make and would most likely have exploded in Smith’s hand. But maybe it wouldn’t have. Only the victor could have known for sure.

Police recognized the toy as a lethal weapon because they were told to look out for it. They were told to look out for it. For shotguns. Made out of Super Soakers.

What on earth is happening in Fresno, California that people need shotguns so badly they’re making them out of Super Soakers?

Perhaps it is other people making shotguns out of Super Soakers that is prompting such behavior. What a vicious cycle.

Unfortunately, it appears that being convicted of a felony is not enough to stop the plight either because they don’t give a fuck in Fresno.

They’ll carry around a water gun-shotgun combo of kill like it’s a third grade birthday party, and Super Soak some bitches. Super Soak some bitches with blood.