Chicago Police arresting disabled and senior citizens over corporate tax cut protest

Chicago protesters are engaged in marches and rallies against CME Group Inc. at its annual stockholder meeting. They are currently gathering outside the Chicago Board of Trade building and some of the disabled and home-care provider protesters have already been arrested.

Last year CME received Illinois legislative approval for a lower tax rate, which protesters believe is causing cuts to social services. Of course, disabled or senior citizen protesters shouldn’t be exempt from arrest because of their condition and age, but the arrests do serve to demonstrate that tax cuts aren’t just about encouraging business growth, but create adverse effects when social services—the scapegoat in harsh economic times—are cut at the state level.

The CME protest was organized by Action Now, the Albany Park Neighborhood Council, the Chicago Teachers Union, the Lakeview Action Coalition, MoveOn, Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation, and SEIU Local 1, amongst various other organizations.