Openly atheist Georgia house candidate calls for marijuana legalization

Mike Smith calls himself “The rational representation for the 99%,” and he’s running for District 69 of the Georgia House of Representatives. Smith is quite unique in American politics in that he openly occupies two verboten cultural stances: he is openly atheist and he is in favor of marijuana legalization. (See: Andy Caffrey for another pro-marijuana candidate for political office.)

“The failed war on drugs is the lynchpin of the Republican party’s Southern strategy, which was designed to trick white Southerners into voting against their own interests,” says Smith. “With the legalization of marijuana, we can increase tax revenue, close expensive for-profit prisons, and use the savings to improve the education of our children.” A common sense approach—astonishing in American politics.

As to Smith’s atheist stance, when asked, “Why should the people of Georgia vote for an open atheist?” Mike Smith said, “I am interested in real freedom for the people of Georgia.”

Smith has characterized his opponent, incumbent Randy Nix, as representing “the three most dangerous and politically corrupt American institutions of this century: banks, the religious right, and the Republican party.” This probably won’t endear him to Georgia voters, who are historically quite conservative, but one must applaud the man for freely speaking his mind.

According to Smiths’ website, he is a father of three and has worked as a disability attorney in LaGrange, GA for the last 30 years. Smith earned a BA in History from LaGrange College, JD and LLM degrees from Atlanta Law School, and an MA in Psychology from the University of West Georgia. He also happens to be a Vietnam War veteran and former paratrooper, which means he’s likely one tough guy. Now, however, Smith opposes all wars. Indeed, Smith’s definition of war extends beyond military battlefields to encompass “the Republican wars against women, immigrants, gays, blacks, unions, and free speech.”


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