A well-regarded jam band I have never heard of called Ween broke up today.

The band Ween broke up today to the cries of all jam band fans around the world. While not as big as Phish, I imagine, Ween was loved by jam band (old hippies) fans around the world. That’s just my assumption because I have never listened to them.

If the idea of jam bands and their fans were not enough to deter you from having a listen, they decided on naming themselves Ween; wtf does that mean. Seeing as all this deterred me before this from having a listen, I don’t think I will start now.

However revolutionary Ween was, I am sure they will be much bigger now that they are gone (can I get a Ween hologram?). Like the unfortunate end to the Kriss Kross’ and Rolling Stones before them, I am sure the media will latch on to what was. Anyways, my editor likes this song so have a listen if you’d like.

Writers note: Ween turns out to be a he and not a them, oh well.