Ukranian bartender saw ‘Cocktail’ 20 years too late

In my own humble opinion, the proliferation of TV “talent” shows worldwide has become nauseating. In the course of my day, I tend to visit a few different viral video sites, and it’s almost guaranteed that a new spectacular “talent” will be featured every day or two. Susan Boyle, Paul Potts, “Charlotte & Jonathan,”…seriously, how many British opera singers does the world really need?

The latest act to storm the interwebs comes from Ukraine’s version of a TV talent show; “Ukraine’s Got Talent,” if you will. In the video below, a young bartender named Alexander Shtifanov wows the crowd by spinning and juggling mixers, shakers, and liquor bottles… a skill that hasn’t blown people away since 1988. When “Cocktail” was actually popular.

Maybe DVDs are on a 20-year delay in the Ukraine, so I’ll give Shtifanov the benefit of the doubt, as well as the fact that his talents (despite my cynical assholeism) are extremely skillful. It’s just the application of the skill that has my eyes rolling.

Juggling three Bacardi bottles may look pretty awesome in the spotlight, but taking five minutes to pour a few drinks starts to add up when the bar is full. I’m sure the bachelorette party appreciates your Cruise-like antics, but all I ordered was two beers, dammit — No tip for you!