Die Antwoord releases bright new pastel-colored video for ‘Baby’s On Fire’

It’s always fun when an artist casts themselves against type. For years Radiohead fans have been saying that the most contrarian thing Radiohead could do at this point is make a straight-up pop record. Die Antwoord offer up something of this kind of cross-casting with their new video for “Baby’s On Fire.”

The South African electro dance duo have earned a reputation for shock and general freakiness (see singer Yolandi Visser’s blackout contact lenses in the “I Fink You Freaky” video) along with a stark, minimal aesthetic. So the last thing we’d expect to see out of a new Die Antwoord video is a pastel pinks and bright sunlight.

The new video plays out like a short film with Visser and Ninja running the roost in the only bright pink house on the block. Sure there’s still weed smoking out of a pipe shaped like a pistol, a motorbike doing donuts and the more typical Die Antwoord accoutrements, but it’s fun to see the band explore a new aesthetic here. Check out the video below.