Get ready for summer with the new Superchunk song ‘This Summer’

Not pumped for summer yet? Superchunk have a remedy for that. The indie rock veterans whose releases are few and far between, prove it doesn’t matter if you’re going to high school football practice or old enough to coach the team yourself, that summertime bliss is eternal and ageless. “This Summer” is nearly comical in its unapologetic embrace of the season, with its handclap intro, spirited progression, and lyrics about a “tape full of hiss and a sleeping bag on the floor” sung in Mac McCaughan’s most power-pop vocal delivery. The song sounds like it should be riding the credits of some 1982 B-movie taking place over the last week of classes, or perhaps the supposedly forthcoming “Wet Hot American Summer” sequel.

As we did last year (twice), we will be unveiling a new summer mix for Mixtape Madness within the next couple weeks, and when we do, you can be rest assured that this song will be spearheading the collection. Check it out below.

Superchunk — “This Summer”