Glenn Danzig is a totally chill guy and didn’t try to beat up a photographer mid-show

Glenn Danzig is well known as someone who is very level-headed and totally rational. So it came as a complete surprise when he went off on a photographer during his Bonnaroo set for taking his picture.

Wait, sorry, I was being really sarcastic when I said he was very level-headed. Despite being in The Misfits, one of the best punk bands ever, Danzig is very much a total asshole with a short temper so when he decided to stop his set mid-song and walk over to the photographer pit and scream at a Nashville Scene photographer it came as little surprise to anyone who has followed Glenn Danzig’s dalliance with sanity. The photographer – a young man named Denny Mac – was hired to, you know, take photos of Danzig in the hopes that someone would see the photos and think “gee I wanna go to a Danzig show now” because that’s how journalism works.

Take a look:

Mac was quoted on his Facebook page saying:

First of all, I was not taking pictures of Danzig. I was looking at two chicks that were dancing without their tops on with some of the band members from Alabama Shakes. I’d rather watch naked chicks than fat balding Danzig.

He had a barricade, his pussy manager and about 20 feet of distance from me, And trust me. If he would have gotten NEAR me you’d be seing another knockout video. I’m twice his size, half his age, and a trained boxer. I’d beat the piss out of that little punk.

h/t Prefix Mag