Stream the Kindness ‘House’ EP

Kindness, having just released the critically-praised “World, You Need A Change Of Mind” (produced by Philippe Zdar of French House duo Cassius) is set to release the “House” EP on June 18, a new single that also features a selection of unheard mixes from friends and collaborators who worked on his debut LP.

The single, “House,” is light electro-pop, but what it lacks in dynamic is more than made up for with the three accompanying remixes by Zdar and Erol Alkan. The standout, though, has to be the drumless, electronic cover of my favorite Replacements track “Swingin’ Party.” The LP version had a disco beat that was oddly satisfying, but the drumless version has a ghostly, infinite sort of beauty to it that is quite sublime. And so what if it doesn’t have the vulnerability that dripped off Paul Westerberg’s original recording—it’s neat to see an electronic music artist tip his hat to The Replacements.

Stream the “House” EP below.