Sigur Rós release surreal Mystery Film Experiment #3 starring Shia LaBeouf

Want more Shia LaBeouf? Well, Sigur Rós is giving it to you.

The Icelandic band have released the third entry in their Mystery Film Experiment series, in which a dozen filmmakers have received the same modest budget to create visions of the songs from the band’s most recent album, “Valtari.”

The third film was directed by Alma Har’el and accompanies the LP’s closing track, “Fjögur Píanó.” The video stars Shia LaBeouf, and features “a man and woman locked in a never-ending cycle of addiction and desire.” Har’el most recently one “Best Documentary Feature” at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival for debut film “Bombay Beach.”

“We really had no idea what to expect from Alma,” said the band’s bassist Georg Holm. “Originally she was going to film us on super 8 in Iceland all playing the piano lines from the song, but then she rang and said she’d met Shia LaBeouf and they’d changed the idea, that was the last we heard of the concept and she told us nothing about what was going on. At first I didn’t know what to make of the video, because it is so full of ideas and confusion, but now I completely love it. It seems to have no beginning and no end, and just makes you think about what might and might not be going on. It’s a puzzle and I think it’s absolutely amazing.”

The film finds LaBeouf as a naked, strange bohemian engaged in some interpretative dance, then getting blown Terry Gilliam-style into a psychedelic sequence. The surreal tone renders the film highly beautiful.

Watch Har’el’s film below and check out Inga Birgisdóttir short film for “Varúd.”