Drunk man with kitten refused entry to strip club; repeatedly calls 911

This incident occurred on June 5th but only now is it coming to light, and let me tell you, it is a doozy: a drunk man in Florida tried to take a newborn kitten into a strip club. He was denied entry and was called a cab. He refused to tell the cab driver anything and called 911 on the strip club. The cops arrived and told him he was drunk and causing a disturbance. He kept calling 911. The cops arrested him and took the kitten away.

All because he wanted to see some breasts while petting a cat. That’s practically the kind of “pursuit of happiness” idea that this country was based upon! This Obama government is taking away our basic American rights. If a guy can’t look at some titties and pet a purring, furry animal at the same time then I just don’t know what this nation is coming to. What kind of social injustice is that when you can’t pet a kitten while looking at some sweet, sweet Floridian boobage?

Somebody call Amnesty International on every strip club in Florida and rectify this situation or else I’m going to start showing up outside every single one with a box full of kittens.