The man with the 100lb scrotum

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Wesley Warren Jr has a giant ball-sack. That is not a euphemism or misprint: Wesley Warren Jr has a scrotum about the size and weight of a medium-sized child. He has this because of two reasons.

1) Medical: the ball-sack is full of fluid caused by a simple infection.
2) Money: he has refused $1M treatment because he would have to give up the rights to his story.

That’s right – Warren Jr was offered a free surgery by none other than TV’s Dr Oz who offered to perform the expensive and complicated surgery in return for the rights to Warren Jr’s story. Wesley Warren Jr has refused so far. Howard Stern also wants a piece of the scrote – reportedly, Warren turned down the surgery due to Howard Stern’s advice so that Warren and his massive scrotum could appear on Stern’s show.

The scrotum is so big that Wesley must wear a hooded sweatshirt over his massive deformed genitalia when he goes out in public. He also is unable to urinate normally and is forced to urinate on himself.

h/t The Daily Mail