Watch a badass Chinese cop rappel down a building to prevent a suicide

A Chinese cop in Ningbo pulled a full-on John McClane last week to prevent a suicide, and the footage is pretty incredible to watch.

Straddling the tops of two windowsills at least four stories up, a man dressed in jeans and no shirt threatened to kill himself, apparently distraught over family problems according to the Daily News. Rescuers were dispatched but the man threatened to jump if they came any closer.

So one cop distracted the man, talking to him through a loudspeaker while our hero rigs himself to a zip line at the top of the building, out of sight, and suddenly swoops in, rappelling to the exact spot at the window ledge and pinning the man to the wall. If you look closely, right after our Spiderman swoops into action you can see two more super-cops pop out of the windows below the suicidal man and attach ropes to his legs so he can’t jump.

Pretty badass. Someone give this guy a trophy.