Awesome young woman lays Kung Fu smackdown on two gropers

Priscilla Dang of Vancouver lived out every harassed girl’s fantasy last weekend when she punched a groper twice in the face.

Dang told KATU she was out running in her neighborhood Friday when two teenage boys approached her on bikes. “One went in front and made eye contact with me like a smirk, like I thought he was saying ‘hi.’ The next thing I knew I was pretty much groped on my bottom behind left side.”

Little did the boys know, Dang’s family owns a Chinese Martial Arts school, at which she’d been studying for 18 years. At this particular period, Dang’s brother had been training her in Kung Fu.

So rather than dashing away rageful and helpless or screaming at them (both of which are reasonable options for those who aren’t Kung Fu fighters) Dang seized the groper and told him to apologize. Then when the other teen started swearing at her, she got serious and punched him twice in the face. “It just made something snap in me – it’s not OK. It’s so disrespectful,” she said, voicing what legions of women everywhere feel every single day.

“He started coming in for a few, and I was lucky enough to dodge his shots. I came up for another one and I got him good, and I think that upset him,” she said.

After the second hit, Dang said the teen pulled out a four-inch blade.

“That was when my instinct came in to back off – don’t get so close because he might grab me,” she said.

Two people saw the confrontation and called 911. Dang wasn’t hurt but thinks the teens definitely got the message.

Police arrested the 18 year-old and brought the 16 year-old home to his parents. Investigators say they haven’t found a knife, and, of course, that people should avoid confrontation whenever possible.

And though that’s true (god forbid they had a gun or used that knife), it sure is satisfying to know those two a-holes got clocked by a trained Kung Fu fighter.

(via KATU)