Polish chefs create world’s largest lasagna for Italy’s soccer team

Chefs in Krakow, Poland this week created the world’s largest lasagna for Italy’s soccer team, which was revving up to play England for the Euro Cup’s quarter finals.

Naturally, the players’ diet prevented them from gorging on this gargantuan cheese-based dish, which took 10 hours to cook, weighed 5.29 tons (or 15,432 lbs) and garnered 10,000 portions, enough lasagna to feed Garfield every morning, noon and night for all nine of his lives.

We’re not sure what’s going on with all those carrots and peas or where the cheese is, but we’re convinced it all came together in the end. Chefs told Reuters that even if the players don’t partake, they had a good time showing they were “proud to have the Italians stay there during the Euro cup.”

(via Reuters)