Fan gets kicked out of Kenny Chesney concert for looking too much like Kenny Chesney

Nathan Blankenship, a fan of the country music stylings of Kenny Chesney, was at a Kenny Chesney concert last weekend at LP Field in Nashville, TN. He was in the seats, getting psyched for the big show, when something totally awesome started happening: people started thinking he was Kenny Chesney.

Apparently Blankenship bears a striking resemblance to the singer, and fellow fans in the crowd began congregating around him, asking to take pictures with him, believing he was Chesney pulling a pre-show Springsteen style tour of the stands.

What happened next was significantly less awesome: According to Fox News, Blankenship claims he was told by a security guard he had to leave, because ‘higher-ups’ thought he was causing too much ‘confusion.'”

Blankenship was escorted to the door and promptly booted from the arena.

Chesney’s label Sony has offered Blankenship an official apology along with a refund for his ticket and a gift basked of Sony music merchandise. The show promoter Messina Group, for their part, says they had no part in booting Blankenship and no knowledge of it prior to seeing media reports.

Sounds like this was a dreaded case of an overzealous security guard taking matters into his own hands.