Lana Del Rey ‘National Anthem’ video with A$AP Rocky as JFK

Lana Del Rey continues her dominion over the internet with the much-hyped new video for “National Anthem” featuring A$AP Rocky as JFK. You’ve got to hand it to Del Rey, she’s cultivated a kind of mastery over the music video if not exactly music itself—it’s hard to remember anyone who’s drummed up this much attention for their videos in recent years other than Lady Gaga—and she reaches a kind of crescendo with this one.

Yesterday we got the extended teaser for the “National Anthem” video and today we get the whole thing. The song, which Stereogum isn’t wrong in calling “transcendently dumb,” is set in a kind of hip-hop Camelot, with A$AP playing JFK as promised and Lana playing both Jackie O and Marilyn Monroe. They even go for it in recreating the Zapruder film. The whole look has a beautifully nostalgic Super-8 vibe and we can’t help feel that everyone in the video, whether their careers are destined for dynasty or as doomed as JFK’s, is having the time of their lives.

According to A$AP Rocky, we won’t truly get the video until 2015 for some reason, but take a look below.