Best Coast covers Fleetwood Mac; fails miserably

Ah, Bethany.

The Eagle Rock, CA chanteuse has – when she wants to – an amazing voice and an incredible songwriting ability. On her first album she possessed a confidence and a sense of humor that was hard to miss. However, at some point recently she’s tried extremely hard to be something entirely different; perhaps another answer to the girl-power set of Lena Dunham, Zooey Deschanel, et al, and has bizarrely traded in confidence for gnawing insecurity and increasingly poor business decisions.

First was the terrible, terrible album which tanked with both critics and her audience – produced by LA wunderkind Jon Brion but sounding not entirely unlike the sound of a young woman giving up entirely. Then, the Urban Outfitters fashion line. I’m not saying “gee golly, gee whiz, why should someone have a fashion line?” but Urban Outfitters is the… well… Urban Outfitters of clothing stores – overpriced and often accused of stealing designers work. Now comes this: a terrible Fleetwood Mac cover.

Not to jump aboard the boo-Best-Coast train, but this sounds exactly like Bethany trying to cover She & Him, turning the mystique of “Rihannon” into a poppy sun-drenched joke. What happened to your own sound, Beth?