Cheese artist to carve Mount Rushmore out of 640-pound block of cheddar

Wisconsin cheese artist Troy Landwehr will pay tribute to the founding fathers this week by carving a replica of Mount Rushmore called My Country ‘Tis of Cheese out of a 640-pound block of mild cheddar. Landwehr will work on the sculpture for the next two days in the lobby of West Palm Beach’s City Hall before moving it to the Lake Pavilion for Wednesday’s 4th of July celebrations.

So what happens to all the excess that falls away as Landwehr whittles the president’s busts out of this mountain of cheese? The Palm Beach Post reports that chefs at The Lord’s Place, “a charity that provides supportive housing and case management for the area’s homeless,” will collect the cheese scraps and use it at the shelter.

“There’s no greater gift than the gift of cheese,” Robert Coleman, director of food service at The Lord’s Place told the Post.

For an example of Landwehr’s past work, above is the Declaration of Independence carved out of 2000 lbs of cheese in New York on July 3, 2008.