Spiritualized video: ‘Little Girl’

A bleak, depressing video shot in a border town between Germany and Poland nicknamed “Iron City” might not be the ideal way to kick off your Monday morning—but the new Spiritualized video is worth watching for the incredible motorcycle stunts alone.

Motorcycle stunts, you ask, in a Spiritualized video? So far the videos for the the “Sweet Heart Sweet Light” album cycle contrast Jason Piece’s delicate sonic palate with gritty videos featuring down-on-their-luck protagonists. This video for “Little Girl” centers on a runaway who steals her dad’s money and motorcycle and bails on her shitty apartment complex only to meet up with a motorcycle gang for some casual drug use. It plays a little like Die Antwoord’s latest video, except with awesome slo-mo motorcycle tricks.

According to the video’s description, “During the course of the three day shoot there were only 2 crashes, a wrecked bike, a near-death tank rattle, 12 burnt-out tires, a broken whipped cream charger, and a near arrest after police caught producers filming a high speed tracking shot on the autobahn into Berlin at 4am.” Whoa.