Tacone turns tacos into handrolls

A moment of creative synthesis on par with the conception of the hot dog stuffed crust pizza occurred at DudeFoods.com last week when food blogger Nick made the fateful connection between taco shells and waffle cones, then turned that connection into a glorious reality: The Tacone.

“What’s the ONLY bad thing about hard shell tacos?” he wrote. “They fall apart when you eat them leaving you with a frown on your face and a plate that’s covered in toppings.” So Nick pulled out his waffle maker and with a dough of “corn flour, water and a dash of salt,” made a cone, then dunked it in the deep frier.

After filling the cone with a beefy mixture of taco toppings and devouring it, Nick reported that none of the filling wound up on his plate, “not even a single piece of lettuce!” It is the sushi hand roll of the taco world, the inevitable answer to taco sushi, and it belongs at every state fair from SoCal to New England.

It also belongs at Taco Bell. As anyone who has eaten a full Taco Bell meal while driving can attest, the no-drip design will change lives. For more images check out Dude Foods.