Bill Murray to embark on party-crashing tour in August

Start preparing to throw as many parties as your landlord will allow in the month of August, Bill Murray may be stopping by.

Bill Murray is known for a lot of things: one, for being the hilarious leading man in comedy classics like “Groundhog Day” and “Ghostbusters” as well as being the presiding godfather over Wes Anderson’s blessed career. In his latter years, he has also become infamous for his various eccentricities such as random guest-bartending spots and random party-crashing where he’ll stop in for a drink or maybe a whole meal.

Now for the month of August, Murray will be bringing his party-crashing to a whole new level with an organized tour of random stop-ins according to Super Official News. If you’re having a party in any of the cities he’s visiting, put up a big sign that says “BILL MURRAY CAN CRASH HERE” to let him know he is welcome. Hopefully this announcement won’t bring too much pandemonium — no one wants a party with Bill Murray broken up by the cops. Oh yes, and alcohol and karaoke are a must-have.

Murray will be hitting many key U.S. cities including Phoenix, Chicago, Kansas City, Boston and many more (uh, no more New York spots? What gives?).

To get an idea of what a Bill Murray party is like, check out this scene from “Lost in Translation” and get a good view of the flyer for the tour.