Jose Canseco and Old Milwaukee join forces for two surreal ads

If you happened to be watching the Major League All Star Game on television in Kansas City, something very strange happened.

In one advertisement of almost sublime surreality, Old Milwaukee and Jose Canseco (wearing a jersey emblazoned with “Canseco” across his chest) wax nostalgic about baseball in Kansas City circa-1985, when the game was clean and no cheaters existed (right… no speed?).

Another ad features Canseco soft-tossing a can of Old Milwaukee into the air, then hitting it, which causes a mist of beer to explode in slow motion. It then cuts to Canseco seated and looking out upon a baseball field. He turns and again waxes nostalgic before proclaiming that he, Kansas City and baseball are back.

As a former Milwaukee resident and son of Wisconsin, I’m rather puzzled that Old Milwaukee would team with a juicer like Canseco, whose self-promotion knows no bounds. On the other hand, I must always appreciate the surreal wherever and whenever it appears.

Watch the ad below.