The Raveonettes new song ‘She Owns the Streets’ is pretty great

The Raveonettes have been going strong for over 10 years now. While they cut their teeth on Jesus and Mary Chain-style fuzz pop, their sound has matured way beyond the initial rush of their debut rave-up EP “Whip It On.”

On their latest single “She Owns the Streets,” which is their first release off their sixth full-length album “Observator,” we’re treated to a wavy dreamer of a song that remains steady and forward-moving while lulling you into it’s sunset recline. Layers of reverbed guitar and vocals pile on as the song progresses to its coda in an effective mixture which recalls the beauty of Galaxie 500 but with The Cure’s gothic summer overtone. The track is another testament to Sune Rose Wagner’s talent for churning out timeless guitar pop — check the Dum Dum Girls’ “Only in Dreams” for a more in depth refresher.

“Observator” will be out on Vice on September 11 but you can stream “She Owns the Streets” right here — right now.

The Raveonettes — “She Owns the Streets”