Internet Defense League launches a cat symbol to rival the bat symbol

Next Thursday as crowds line up around the block for the first midnight showings of “The Dark Knight Rises” they may see a glowing symbol hanging above them in the night sky. Nope, not the bat symbol—the cat symbol.

The Daily What reports that the Internet Defense League—a coalition of companies who banded together to protest SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, and all those other obnoxious acronyms—is launching next Thursday on a fight to keep the internet free and open. The IDL created an internet “alarm system” that will be broadcast on sites across the web, prompting users to call their representatives when legislation is introduced threatening a free internet. To announce their arrival, they’ve devised a pretty brilliant marketing idea: “People are calling it ‘a bat-signal for the Internet,'” IDL says.

The symbol launches online and in cities everywhere next Thursday night—look out for it, and check here for more information on the Internet Defense League.

[The Daily What]