‘Predator’ screenwriter buys Limbaugh’s Batman conspiracy theory on Bain Capital

In case you missed it (though not likely), Rush Limbaugh made headlines this week after citing a possible connection between President Obama’s recent attacks on Mitt Romney’s stint at Bain Capital and the fact that the main villain in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises has a similar sounding handle.

Everyone pretty much wrote that conspiracy theory off as just good old-fashioned sensationalist radio (Rush himself eventually refuted his own claim) — with the exception of ’80s action movie scribe Steven E. de Souza. The screenwriter for right-wing classics such as CommandoPredator, and The Running Man seems to think Limbaugh’s theory is pretty plausible.

Or so de Souza shared via Twitter:

Sorry, I don’t think Rush’s “Bain/Bane” conspiracy theory is preposterous, at all: After planting Obama’s birth announcements in Honolulu newspapers in 1961, dropping Bane into BATMAN continuity in 1993 would be child’s play.

Ah, the birther card! One of my favorites. Perhaps appropriately, this comes from a man who created an entirely fictitious Latin American country to reference in all his patriot porn, supposedly to avoid getting sued for slander. (The make-believe jungle of Val Verde acted as the setting for when Ah-nuld got in a firefight with the Predator. Also, that time he killed all the bad dudes in Commando – also, the home turf of the drug lord general from Die Hard 2.) Apparently, in the Reagan era, using phony countries for crime-riddled locales would keep litigious South American tourism boards off 20th Century Fox’s back. Go figure.

I honestly don’t know what the connection is, if any, between de Souza questioning Obama’s citizenship while the bulk of his America-Fuck-Yeah writing career takes place in fantasy land. But this isn’t a total waste of time, because you should know that de Souza also wrote the screenplay for Ricochet with Denzel Washington and John Lithgow, and that movie kicks all kinds of ass. Trailer below.

'Predator' screenwriter buys Limbaugh's Batman conspiracy theory on Bain Capital