Mother dolphin carries her dead baby for days

If you happen to be overdue for a good cry, allow me:

Our friends at The Daily What this morning found this video of mother dolphin in China’s Sanniang Bay trying to keep her dead calf afloat. At the time of the sighting, the baby had been dead for two or three days, estimates Fisherman Luo Lieqiangre, who spotted the dolphin along with tourists. The baby had a foot-long slash on its belly, likely from a boat’s propeller.

“The sea was rough when we saw the dolphins,” Liegiangre told The Sun. “The calf fell into the water seven or eight times at the surging waves, but the mother dolphin managed to carry it on her dorsal fin.”

“Just like human beings, dolphins also have feelings. A mother’s love is noble and moving,” added another fisherman, Su.

Below is the video—it’s a little graphic, so be forewarned.

Let the waterworks begin: