Unlucky guy drops $77,000 bottle of Cognac on Playboy Club floor

A customer at London’s Playboy Club dropped a bottle of Cognac Clos du Griffier 1788 – one of the most expensive bottles of anything – after he had previously asked to see the bottle. According to The Drinks Business, he was getting up out of his seat and knocked the bottle from it’s handler. The bottle was not insured, as it had previously been opened… by the Playboy Club earlier that evening because the customer had just had two glasses of the super expensive liquor for an astonishing £5000 each. What a silly bastard, eh?

The bottle was supposed to be featured in the world’s most expensive cocktail, which was to be mixed later this week in London in front of Guinness World Record judges. It had previously sold in 2009 for €25,000 as one of the highlights of the infamous La Tour Argent’s wine sale.