Norah Jones’ killer new video for ‘Miriam’

It’s no surprise that me definitely me I would be the person I am referring to someone at Death & Taxes has a bit of a crush on Norah Jones since she made the switch from chill-jazz-girl to holy-shit-this-album-is-fucking-dark-deep-and-amazing with her most recent album “Little Broken Hearts.” The album showed an entirely new side to her, one that, hopefully, if she continues this trend, she’ll be able to further develop. While I’m not asking for her to go totally out into left field and do an album of Yes covers, she should keep up with this. She has an incredible voice; it’s good to see it do different things other than be the soundtrack to your parents’ dinner parties.

Which is why the video for “Miriam” is so good. It’s a simple video – Norah in a little rowboat on a Texas lake – but keep watching until the end. It might just surprise you.