Web Wrap: Olympic swimmers pee in the pool, Lily Allen changes her name, and more links

Here’s the coolest move they got rid of in the Olympics.

Anonymous doxed another fast food employee for defiling the food.

Lily Allen officially changed her name to Lily Rose Cooper.

Here are 6 crazy things conservatives have compared birth control to.

Check out this couch, made of cat tunnels.

So what exactly is going on under Bane’s mask, anyway?

Pro Obama SuperPAC is gearing up for a $30 million ad spend in battleground states.

Question: Do Olympic swimmers pee in the pool? Answer: Yup.

Don’t worry, Romney’s tax plan will only raise taxes on 95% of Americans.

Olympic officials allegedly spent $70,000 on a restaurant meal—here’s the receipt.

[Image via Reddit.]

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