Holy shit is an eccentric billionaire planning a real life Jurassic Park?!?

Imagine: you, in 1993, watching “Jurassic Park” as a kid, eating popcorn and drinking soda and pecking away at a box of Junior Mints. Somebody taps you on the shoulder. It is a person from the future, saying that in 23 years, that this whole “Jurassic Park” movie might become a reality.


But hold your horses – this is apparently the idea of an eccentric billionaire (is there any other kind?) who is in talks with the team behind the Dolly The Sheep cloning. Slashfilm – one of the best, well-reported entertainment news websites on the internet, I might add – describes the scene:

Clive Palmer wouldn’t be the first person to wish he could live in a James Cameron or Steven Spielberg flick long after the credits roll. As a billionaire businessman, however, he may be one of the few with the funds to actually make that dream a reality. The noted eccentric revealed earlier this year that he was working on a replica of the RMS Titanic, to set sail in 2016 as a floating casino, and now rumor has it he’s got his sights set on a real-life Jurassic Park.

The Sunshine Coast Daily (via Nerd Approved) learned of the rumored Jurassic Park plans from a source “close to Mr. Palmer’s inner circle.” Palmer is reportedly “in deep discussion” with the same scientists who successfully cloned Dolly the sheep at the Roslin Institute in 1996, and they’re talking about the possibility of extracting dinosaur DNA to clone a dinosaur. If all goes well, the (alleged! Don’t sue us!) plan is to set up the attraction at his new Palmer Resort in Australia’s Coolum Beach.

Hopefully this happens, because GOD KNOWS I’ve always wanted to pull a full-scale Jeff Goldblum. And by that I mean have a long career full of dramatic and comedy roles. But I digress. Until that magical day where humans can again see dinosaurs, here’s the movie’s amazing theme song to get you in the mood. Clever girl!