Cutest video game ever: An 8-bit role-playing game about saving ducklings

Kickstarter has no shortage of interesting and batshit crazy projects, but perhaps the most charming of recent ones is “Duck Quest,” an 8-bit RPG about saving ducklings. At last!

The game’s creator, Waffle Friday Studios, which is looking for a mere $500 from backers, describes it thusly:

Giant tanks. Epic explosions. Mind-blowing special effects. You are not going to find any of these in Duck Quest? – and yet you will be enthralled and engrossed in this charming 8-bit adventure about loss, redemption and lots of quacking.

Join a mother duck on her quest (?) to find her gale-scattered young ‘uns throughout a city park. Along the way, she will meet a host of memorable pixelated characters, who may touch you with their heart-rending stories. However, the more likely response is a chuckle, or possibly even a guffaw.

Even more charming than the game’s conceit is its makers’ sales pitch, which describes the game as a “stupendous retro adventure.”

Impossible not to invest? Absolutely.