NYC hands out 10,000 dildos today from hot dog carts

Trojan is planning a publicity stunt in NYC today wherein they are handing out 10,000 top of the range dildos from two hot dog carts.

The company plans to give out over half a million dollars in dildos – $540,000 to be precise – in the month of August to strengthen their campaign to bring sex toys into the mainstream. The use of the hot dog carts is an attempt to show that, y’know, things that you stick in your vagina (or up your butt) are totally mainstream. Just wait until you get home to use them.

This being New York City, I can only hope that this becomes a regular thing and that years from now there’s a third generation dildo salesman getting up at the crack of dawn to push his dildo-cart out into the streets. His young boy pulls at his father’s dildo-apron strings. “Papa! Papa! Will you bring back enough money for my operation?” the child will cough and look into his father’s eyes. The mustachioed dildo salesman will look back at his son and well up, before rubbing his son’s head and telling him to run along. Then he will stand in the street, with his cart full of fake penises, and he will bellow “Dildos! Dildos here! Get your dildos!”

One can hope, anyway.

h/t: The New York Times