Joan Rivers handcuffed herself to a shopping cart at Costco yesterday in book protest

You’ve got to hand it to her—Joan Rivers, 79, is still spitting fire.

Costco, carriers of industrial-sized supplies of frozen chicken and fine literature, apparently decided not to stock Joan Rivers’ latest book “I Hate Everything… Starting With Me” because it contains a few lewd jokes on its back cover.

Rivers, never one to take something like this lying down, decided to protest Costco for “banning” her book, and showed up yesterday with a pair of handcuffs and an electric bullhorn. She began slamming Costco, yelling “this is like Nazi Germany—next they’ll be burning the Bible” and insisted “This is America—we have freedom of speech! First Amendment rights!”

Of, course, she also managed to get in there, “Buy my book!”

Rivers also handcuffed herself, a dramatic flourish to add to any protest. But she did handcuff herself to a rolling shopping cart which kind of defeats the purpose.

The store manager called the cops, who arrived promptly and escorted Rivers and her crew out of the store without making any arrests.

And because this is Rivers we’re talking about, of course she had a film crew with her. You can watch footage of the whole thing at TMZ.

If you only vaguely remember Rivers from childhood recollections of red carpet overload, you should really watch 2010’s documentary “Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work.” Also, you should probably buy her book. From the looks of it, she would really appreciate it.