Play ‘Revenge of the Nerds: Booger’s Panty Raid’ video game

The nose-pickin’ Tri-Lamb has been immortalized in Adobe Flash for some time.

Web programmer Eric Schanen proved his love for all things Curtis Armstrong with a fan site on the thespian responsible for beloved ’80s film characters such as Better Off Dead’s Charles De Mar, One Crazy Summer’s Ack Ack (a.k.a. the world-weary adolescent counseled by The Little Fat Boy Who Nobody Loved), and, who can forget, Lambda-Lambda-Lambda’s resident perv, Dudley “Booger” Dawson.

Of course, ’80s actor fan sites are a dime a dozen, but what makes this one noteworthy is the fact that it hosts the sweetest Revenge of the Nerds-themed video game to date.

Enter: “Revenge of the Nerds: Booger’s Panty Raid,” an Adobe Flash program that allows YOU, dear reader, to scour the Delta Pi residence for co-ed undies while avoiding the wrath of morbidly obese sorority house mothers. To play, click on the image below and find out if we’ve got bush.

Play 'Revenge of the Nerds: Booger's Panty Raid' video game

Too bad Schanen couldn’t have scored some scratch by including the game as part of an online push for Fox Home Entertainment’s DVD release of Revenge of the Nerds: Panty Raid Edition in 2007 (the fan site launched way back in 2002), but, hey, at least the Nerds fan got the seal of approval from Armstrong. “I thought it was very funny, but I never played it,” real-life Booger told a college newspaper in 2005. “He just did a tremendous job.”

[Charles De Mar/Northern Star]