Romney attempting to silence Maine delegation’s support of Ron Paul

During the GOP primaries, Ron Paul won a plurality of delegates in seven states: Iowa, Oregon, Minnesota, Nevada, Louisana, Virginia and Maine. And with the Republican National Convention fast approaching, the Romney campaign is desparately attempting to avoid televising a fractured GOP party by silencing the Maine delegates, of whom 21 of 24 are strong Paul supporters.

One shouldn’t be really surprised that the party of big business working hand-in-hand with government would resort to such electoral chicanery, dictating terms to Maine delegates who owe everything to their state and nothing to the Romney campaign.

The Romney campaign simply cannot constitutionally refuse to seat Maine’s delegates based on their support of Paul. Kudos to the Maine delegation for rejecting the Romney campaign’s compromise, which would have allowed the Maine delegates to be seated, provided they meet certain conditions such as not criticizing Romney or speaking positively of Obama, amongst others.

“It is unreasonable for the Republican Party at either the national or state level … to attempt to pressure the Maine delegation to vote any particular way,” Tweed, who chaired the Maine GOP convention, said in a statement. “We will not be intimidated into signing political deals under threat of being unseated. We are accountable to the Maine Republicans who elected us, not the Mitt Romney campaign.”

[Robert F. Bukaty / Associated Press]