Here’s a tree Odd Future fans set ablaze in the middle of L.A.

L.A. has been having a hard time with pesky teenagers and their rap music and skateboards and their fireworks lighting giant palm trees on fire.

The guys from Odd Future have apparently opened a pop-up store on Fairfax Ave in L.A. where their fans come to buy various Odd Future merchandise. Apparently the members of the rap collective and members of the nearby Supreme skate shop are none too pleased about the the influx of tourists in the Fairfax district, acording to an LA Weekly article called “Odd Future and Streetwear Employees Resent Fairfax Avenue Tourist Influx.” (Are these guys kidding? Did someone tell them they opened up shop right down the street from the Grove, which is basically retail’s equivalent to Disney World?)

At any rate, last week a bunch of ruffian Odd Future fans came out of the Odd Future pop-up shop and launched a bottle rocket into the sky, where it promptly lodged itself in a palm tree right next to Canter’s Deli, torched the thing, and rained fire down on to the pizza place below, also torching the awning.

This probably isn’t connected to LA’s recent ban on skateboard bombing—but it’s just more fun to think of LA’s youth all raising hell and battling it out with city officials who all look like the bad guys from “Animal House.”

Gawker notes Odd Future has accepted some responsibility and agreed to pay for the damages stemming from the palm fire. Take a look below. If you’re planning to have kids and if they make it to teenager-hood, this is what’s in store for you.