One ring to rule them all for just $99, my precious

Weta, the design and manufacturing workshop responsible for many props from the Lord of the Ring films, recently released a One Ring To Rule Them All of gold plated tungsten carbide for just $99, a major discount from their $3,300 solid 18K gold edition.

Dressing like a hobbit isn’t always the coolest look (unless you’re at Comic-Con, in which case it’s the very coolest look), so owning the fake evil ring is a great way to feel hobbit-like without growing out your toe hair and donning a cape. They also have a cool Hobbit Scarf, an Elven Leaf Broach and a Sterling Silver Chain of Frodo Baggins. I’d be into a set of gold buttons too, if they ever make some.

(Via fashionablygeek)