Hey kid, don’t drive through a nice neighborhood shooting a stolen gun and then post a video of it to YouTube

Ronnie Wynn is a 23 year-old cool-guy from Vancouver, Washington who stole a gun and drove around a suburban neighborhood shooting it, all the while filming the incident because he is incredibly intelligent. He then uploaded that footage to YouTube and Facebook because he is a genius of the highest order.

The budding MENSA member was unfortunately arrested after crashing a stolen car. They then found that the titan of intellect had this video on the internet. Because he is a mastermind.

Clark County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Duncan Hoss told The Oregonian “I really wish more people committing crimes would videotape themselves in the act. It would make my job easier.”

For the record, the songs you can hear in the video are by Geto Boys and Rick Ross. Just sayin’.