Science confirms: The only workday we like is Friday

Gotta love science—when it’s not confirming the God Particle or inventing new DNA-based technology to store all the information on the internet on a device the size of a thumb drive, it’s giving us new insight into practical everyday matters. For instance this new study from the Journal of Positive Psychology finds shocking insight into into the psychology of working Americans: We hate every day except Friday and the weekends.

The study surveyed 340,000 people to find this answer. It seems like a hell of a lot of work to confirm a pretty predictable outcome, but that’s part of science: confirming stuff.

The study’s original purpose was to examine the effect of the “Blue Mondays” (coloquially known as Garfield Syndrome). Researches were looking for quantifiable proof that Monday is indeed the most hated day of all.

What they found is that we hate Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday just about the same.

“Strong support was found for better mood on weekends and Fridays, but there was minimal support for a Blue Monday effect and no differences were observed between Saturdays and Sundays,” they write.

Throw in the fact that for at least a couple months of the year many workers get “summer Fridays,” when they only have to work half-days, and science can only lead us to the inevitable conclusion: We just hate work.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that what we like about Friday isn’t only that it’s before the weekend, but that most of us spend about 100% of Friday eating bagels, shopping online, and watching the clock. It’s just a better routine than the Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday gig.

Supporting this thesis, the study also found day-of-week effects “were diminished for older and retired respondents.”

This is what we all have to look forward to: An elderly sunset in which every day blurs into a haze of Bingo and televised golf. If it meant getting out of our usual Monday-Thursday gig, I’m guessing most of us would probably take it in a heartbeat.

[BBC Via Reddit]