Two-faced cat don’t give a fuzz

The last time I saw a two-faced kitten, I felt nauseas for about two hours afterwards, no fault of the cats’ (cat’s?):

Two-faced cat don't give a fuzz

Then today a friend posted pictures of Venus, a different kind of two-faced kitten, on my Facebook and her cute face totally made my day:

Two-faced cat don't give a fuzz

Born on a farm in North Carolina, Venus was adopted by an animal lover with two cats, one black, one orange tabby. “This little split face cat [looked] like a combo of the 2 cats I currently had (and still have),” wrote the owner on Facebook.

Venus’s face could represent a lot of things—yin and yang, night and day, bi-polar disorder, saying mean things about people when they leave the room; but to me she’s just a different-looking kitty who doesn’t give a fuzz—the best combination of qualities.

“As tiny as she is she likes to pick the giant pieces of food from the dog food bowl rather than eat her cat food and when the dogs come up she looks at them like ‘um yeah don’t even think about it.’ She’s the smallest animal of 5 but rules roost & doesn’t take any crap from the other animals,” wrote the owner.

Big points, little girl.

(Hat tip to Michael, Source: Bored Panda, )

Two-faced cat don't give a fuzz